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Grace Memorial Tournament Rules

SWC “Gracie Memorial Tournament” Rules and Payout Info

  1. At least one member from each team must attend the rules meeting on Saturday September 7th

  2. Tournament hours will be from 7:00am – 3pm.

  3. Boundaries: None – The entire Bay of Green Bay.  With the exception of inclement weather, the Tournament Directors may place a safety boundary restriction if needed. 

  4. All WI Fishing Laws apply!

  5. Boats 1 second to 15 minutes late will be penalized ½ their weight, after 15 minutes no weight will be given.  Late is defined as not inside the slow no wake concrete pilar.

  6. All anglers must wear a USCG approved PFD while main engine is above idle speed.

  7. Teams with boat trouble can send in their score card with one partner with another tournament boat.  Please call and notify one of the Tournament officials.

  8. NO ALCOHOL during tournament hours.

  9. Any protests should be brought to the attention of the Tournament Director within 15 minutes of end of weigh in; Tournament Director and committee will have the final decision in all matters.

  10. Please check in with tournament officials and return your boat board and score sheet packet even if you are not weighing in fish and leaving early!

  11. NO Cell phones or communication on the water!


Catch Photo Release Format Information


Every team will be required to bring their own Digital Camera that accepts a Standard 2GB SD Card.

Cell Phone cameras will not be allowed to be use for picture taking of the fish for the tournament

The SWC will provide the SD card and the official Bump Board and a score card to be used for the day

Measurements will be rounded up to the nearest 1/4”

Minimum 15” requirement to record a fish. (So min score on a card will be 15.25”)

The first picture on the SD Card must be a picture of one partner with your boat number

Both team members please sign your score card before turning it in.

Optional:  It is recommended that the last picture on the card be a picture of your completed score card.


Picture taking procedure:

1) Place bump board in front of angler doing the bumping with the “Zero” or bump side to the left of that angler.

2) Place the fish nose to the bump side of the board so the belly of the fish is facing the belly of the angler holding the fish on the board

3) Bump the nose of the fish with a closed or open mouth and pinch the tail to show on the measurement lines – Do Not place your hands inside the gills of the fish when holding it on the bump board.  Attempting to stretch the fish by placing the hand in the gills of the fish will result in a DQ’d fish.

4) Record the length on the score card

5) The other angler will then take a picture on the bump board while the partner is holding it (Take multiple pictures on the board)

6) Then the bump angler must hold the fish up and a picture shall be taken of the opposite side of the fish also known as the “Hero Shot”.

7) Anglers should then verify their pictures

8) The fish may then be immediately released


1) Top 5 fish on your score card will be used for scoring

2) Each team will be responsible for marking their top 5 fish on their card

3) You may put as many fish as you would like on your score card throughout the day

4) Using the provided weight conversion chart place the converted weigh on the score card for your top 5 fish.

5) Scoring will be based on total converted weight of fish on the top 5 marked on the card.

6) Each team will be responsible for adding up their total weight for their scored fish before turning in their cards.

7) In case of a tie the first tie breaker will go to the team with heaviest converted fish on the card.  

8) The second tie breaker will go to the team with second heaviest converted fish on the card.

9) If there is still a tie we will continue down the scored fish in the same manner and then the non-scored fish.

10) In the event all 5 scored fish are exact matches we will declare a tie and split the winnings for that place.


If a fish “flops” while taking a picture DO NOT DELETE the picture just take another picture.

The Hero Shot will be the index for the sequence of fish on the card.  So once there is a clean Hero shot the next picture should be the next fish in order on a bump board. 

Pictures out of sequence with the score card will be DQ’d

Missing the “Hero Shot” will result in a DQ’d fish

Pictures that do not relate to opposite sides of the fish will be DQ’d

Pictures of a fish on the bump board out of focus will be DQ'd

Pictures of a fish on the bump board with glare on the tail that will not allow clear view of the length measurement will be DQ'd

Pictures of a fish on the bump board with it's head or tail not showing will be DQ'd

Pictures of a fish on the bump board not properly "bumped" will be DQ'd (nose not touching the bump)

Videos instead of pictures for a recorded fish will be DQ’d




Approximate Payout based on 50 teams (Max 100)

1st = $1,800 + plaques

2nd = $750 + plaques

3rd = $300 + plaques

4th = $150 + plaques


Plaques to highest finishing (Family Team)


Big Fish Award = Optional big fish pot will be $20 per team payable at registration prior to the rules meeting.  Big Fish Payout will be:

60% - 1st

30% - 2nd

10% - 3rd


Tournament contacts:

Tournament Director – Joshua Wallace – Cell# - 920-615-2998

Tournament Board Member – Rachel Wogsland – Cell# - 414-779-2407

Tournament Board Member – Nick Ackley – Cell# 920-254-2536

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