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  1. Both anglers must be club members and TWF members to qualify for the points.

  2.  Your TWF Membership must be paid prior to the second Qualifier of the season

  3. No drinking of alcohol during tournament hours. 

  4. All Wisconsin fishing regulations are applicable. 

  5. All anglers must wear a USCG-approved PFD while the main engine is operating above idle speed.

  6. All Tournaments will be Catch Picture Release format events. 

  7. All fish recorded on Green Bay must meet a 15” minimum size in length making a measurement on the scorecard of 15.25”. All fish recorded on the Winnebago system must meet a 14” minimum size in length making a measurement on the scorecard of 14.25”. 

  8. CPR weight will be determined by your top 5 scored and marked fish and will be a converted weight from length using the provided conversion chart. 

  9. Tournament boundaries will be determined by the tournament committee and may change based on DNR restrictions. 

  10. Tournament hours shall run from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

  11.  All boats must check in with the Tournament officials before 6:30 AM 

  12. The last boat to register in the morning will be the designated “Release Boat” for that event. 

  13. Boats 1 to 15 minutes late will be assessed ½ their weight, after 15 minutes no points will be given.

  14.  If you have boat problems, have to leave the event early, or any other problems during the tournament hours please contact the tournament director or another club boat to let them know the situation.  

  15. If a problem occurs on the water, another boat may bring one member of your team along with your completed scorecard and SD card to the check-in.

  16. These tournament rules may be amended by the Tournament Committee to fit each tournament site.

  17.  In case of a split up between team members during the season, the team captain will retain all the Cabela’s points. 

  18. The Tournament Director has the final say on all other issues that may occur during the event. 

  19. Each team is allowed to designate a sub for the season. The team captain will hold the points and that sub may be used as many times as needed during the season. Subs do not need to be TWF members but must be club members. (Although it is recommended they are TWF members) 

  20. If you are awarded a NTC spot through our Cabela’s Points standings and one team member cannot fish the NTC, you may use a sub as long as they were a club member and TWF Member during that qualifying season. 

  21. Per SWC and TWF Rules if you win a Side Pot and one team member cannot fish the NTC you are allowed a sub but that substitute must have been a SWC member during the qualifying season and that substitute must have fished the TWF Side Pot that you won your bid through. 

  22. Each team is only allowed 1 NTC spot through the SWC, if you are awarded a spot through the Cabela’s Points and you win a Side Pot event your Cabela’s Points Bid will fall to the next available team in the standings. 

  23. All NTC Teams that qualify through the SWC will be required to renew their membership dues by the 3rd meeting of the year following their qualifying season or the SWC reserves the right to re-allocate their NTC Bid to another team. 

  24. Tiebreakers for NTC points – 1st tiebreaker will be to add up all for Cabela’s Qualifier points. 2nd tiebreaker is to add in the Fall Fox River Event on top of the 4 qualifier points. 3rd tie break is which team had the largest scored fish in the Qualifiers. 

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